Ermioni is one of the closest towns to the resort, it’s a 15 minute drive. The female name of Ermioni derives from the name Ermis and means “the one who carries the beauty of Ermis”. It is listed before classical times and was well known for its shipbuilders and the production of “porfera” – red dye- used for the colouring of the uniforms of many armies including that of Alexander the Great. It is located on the Eastern of Peloponnese in the region of Argolis. Constructed at the hill slopes around a beautiful port, this town has revived over the last decades as many Athenians have holiday homes there. Ermioni is home to a wide range of shops. It hosts large selection of food stores, butchers, bakers, green grocers and more. The freshness is almost guaranteed as most fresh products come from the region. You can enjoy dinner by choosing among different kinds of fish or meat tavernas with tables by the sea. Music bars, cafes and discos can be found at the back side of Ermionis’ port called Mandrakia. The sailing or speed boats moored nearby give a nautical atmosphere in the summer.