Spetses can be accessed either by boat or car, it is a 30 minute ride by boat from the resort or a 30 minute drive until Kosta + 5 minute boat ride. The elegance of Spetses strikes you the moment you spot the oft-photographed houses on the coast line, typical of the period of the Greek Revolution of 1821. The island has retained its individual traditional character with well-presented mansions still bearing witness to its past. The picturesque old harbour Dapia and Poseidon hotel are the trademarks of Spetses of today. The old port is bursting with life. You can find tavernas, cafes and bars with tables by the sea, fishing boats, speedboats and sailboats moored nearby. In other words an idyllic setting for the islands’ vibrant nightlife.  For swimming you can use the organized beaches of Zagoria, Xylokeriza, Agia Marina, or Agia Paraskeui with its pristine waters. Paradise club offers watersports, comfortable sun loungers and restaurants where you can take a break from the beach. Conventional cars are strictly prohibited in Spetses. You are of course free to roam around by segway motorbike or electrical car. A more romantic way is the horse drawn carriage which can take you around the narrow alleys and smell the fragrances in the air (that is why the Venetians named the island “Isola de Spezzie” -Island of Perfumes – where its modern name comes from.